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Tree Removal Worsley, West Manchester

Tree Removal Worsley, Manchester

Tree Felling

Whilst we prefer a tree to remain, sometimes a tree simply just out-grows their space or are diseased or dying and pose a hazard to the homeowner or building.

With over 17 years’ experience in tree surgery, Amber Tree Services are experts in the removal of unwanted trees. We will try to look at each tree individually and advise the client with the best approach towards their requirement. 


The removal and dismantling of both felled and standing trees requires high levels of training in order to carry out the job safely. Our arborists are fully insured and trained to have the skills and expertise to remove all kind of trees, no matter the size or whether they are situated in areas of confined space with limited access. 


When cutting down individual trees, every care is taken to ensure trees are felled in the safest possible way with professional equipment. Most trees are typically dismantled in sections but occasionally in the right circumstances trees may be felled directly. 

Tree Felling
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