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Tree Pruning Worsley

Tree Pruning Worsley, Manchester

Tree Pruning

Pruning services are needed throughout a tree’s life and will benefit the tree by stimulating growth and prolonging life. A damaged branch can provide a home to fungus, which gradually contaminates and may lead to felling. It is important to know what you are doing when pruning, which is why we recommend that work is completed by a qualified tree surgeon. A bad pruning job can look ugly and lead to more serious problems in the future.

Tree Pruning
Tree Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

A Crown reduction is the uniform shortening of branches to reduce the overall size of the canopy. Our tree surgeons will prune the branches from the tips and within the crown. This procedure allows us to preserve a trees natural shape whilst making the overall size of the crown smaller.

Crown Lifts

Lifting the crown by removing the lower branches. This will allow better access below the tree, often a tree can obstruct a view behind so by lifting the crown this opens up the view whilst keeping the overall form of the tree balanced.

Tree Uplift Complete
Tree Surgery Worsley

Crown Thinning

Selective thinning throughout the crown to achieve an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure. A crown thin will not affect the size or the shape of the tree but it will result in a healthier/better formed tree.

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