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Hedge Trimming Worsley, West Manchester

Hedge Trimming Worsley, Manchester

Professional Hedge care

Trimming and maintaining a hedge can be a task.  As part of our service we can reduce the height of an overgrown Leylandii or other hedge types and get it looking tidy and more manageable.  We also offer a simple trimming maintenance service to keep your established hedges looking crisp and perfect.

For unwanted hedges we can quote to offer a full removal service as well as completely removing the stumps so that fencing, paving or decking or indeed flower beds can be put in it's place instead.

Hedge Cutting Services
hedge trimming

Hedge Cutting & Maintenance

Our free quotation service offers you the opportunity to talk it through with a professional so that we can help you to acquire the look and finish that you want. Our prices are extremely competitive and our tree surgeons take great pride in producing an attractive well shaped hedge.

Nesting birds cutting hedges and the law. Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 it is an offence to undertake work on hedges & damage or destroy any wild bird nest whilst it is in use or being built. The bird nesting season is between March to August. We carefully check the hedgerows for any signs of nests and will not undertake any work if nests are found.

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